Friday, August 3, 2007

Merchant Cash Advance Industry Has Become Mainstream

Within the past two months, I've been contacted by reporters of a half dozen non-credit card processing industry publications such as big city newspapers, business magazines and local papers who are all planning stories on the merchant cash advance phenomenon. There seems to be a basic underlying premise of all these articles that there is a huge demand in the marketplace for this type of alternative financing as many business owners can not get financing from a bank.

I've heard many nay-sayers tell me that the merchant cash advance space is just a fad. My response to that is in 1995, when I first started my previous business an Internet development company, there was a gentlemen that told me the Internet was just a fad too (Note: I sold that business three years later to a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company). I hope the merchant cash advance industry grows to be at least 1/1000 of the "Internet fad."

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