Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Accelerating Cash Advance

The latest issue of The Green Sheet has an updated article on the merchant cash advance industry entitled, Accelerating Cash Advance.

I think this is a very well written article with quotes from CEOs of such companies as yours truly from AmeriMerchant, American Microloan, Merchant Cash And Capital, North American Bancard and AdvanceMe.

The spirit of article is very similar in line to what many of my postings over the last few months have indicated, the days of merchant cash advance companies approving everything are over. There are some industries that may never qualify for a merchant cash advance again because simply the product doesn't work for it based on the payment flow of the industry / the ability for the customer to control the cash register.

The article also speaks to how agents / ISOs and resellers of this product should be concerned about who they are sending their deals to today. As soon as you hear a company can't fund, RUN! Better yet, don't even get to that place, a lesser, normal commission will be worth more in the long run then what seems like a too good to be true commission from a company that won't be around in the long term.

One positive aspect is that the merchant cash advance industry is coming together to establish best practices for selling the product as well as establishing risk tools to eliminate unscrupulous merchants.

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