Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Merchant Cash Advance Industry Comes Together

It was just announced today that the leading companies of the merchant cash advance industry have come together to form an industry trade association called The North American Merchant Advance Association.

This trade association will allow merchant cash advance providers to share industry education and professional development, ethical standards and best practices guidelines, the development of industry relevant products and services, and the engagement in regulatory and legislative advocacy.

An important focus of NAMAA is the creation and maintenance of a database of merchants that have engaged in unethical or fraudulent practices in securing past merchant cash advances.

I believe this association (Editor's Note: AmeriMerchant is a founding member of the North American Merchant Advance Association) will benefit the merchant cash advance providers, sales agents / representatives as well as merchants by establishing self regulation and best practice guidelines.

Any merchant looking for a merchant cash advance, I would strongly recommend working with a provider that is a member of the North American Merchant Advance Association.

Any merchant cash advance providers interested in joining, can contact me at dg@amerimerchant.com.

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Anonymous said...

Did NAMAA take a position on junk fees and closing costs?