Monday, September 7, 2009

Merchant Cash Advance Demand - More Positive News - Small Business Confidence Rises To Highest Level In 18 Months

As I've pointed out previously, in order for the merchant cash advance industry and/or traditional business loan products to see an increase in sales, there has to be business owner demand for the product.

What drives demand? One key factor is a business owner's willingness to take on additional debt or obligation. What drives this willingness? Economic Confidence - they have to be confident they can pay it back, they have to be confident they can do something productive with the money, they have to be confident it makes sense to open a new business, market/advertise, renovate, etc. In most cases, be on "offense" rather than "defense."

The good news is according to the latest Discover® Small Business WatchSM, economic confidence among small business owners jumped to the highest level in in 18 months in August as more owners expressed faith that the U.S. economy is on the rise and gave signs that they are more willing to invest in advertising and new inventory. While we aren't out of the forest yet, this is all good news and what I predict will be a large demand for retailers to stockup with inventory for the holiday season. If a retailer isn't properly stocked for the holiday season with inventory to sell, they may as well close their doors....

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