Saturday, October 17, 2009

SBA Loan Article Indicates More Opportunity For Alternative Financing Such As The Merchant Cash Advance Product

According to a recent article on, titled A grim year for small business lending, "The SBA Loan volume plunged 36% in 2009 as banks slammed their vaults shut to small businesses."

This is yet another example of how an alternative financing program such as a merchant cash advance is starting to be looked at by business owners who in the past utilized traditional loan products such as a SBA loan or a small business unsecured line of credit from their bank.

As the media is reporting time and time again, small businesses can not get access to the necessary capital they need to drive their business. This will lead to an increased opportunity for those in the merchant cash advance industry as we are starting to see an increase in applicants who in the past utilized their local bank as their source of capital.

Furthermore, the lack of traditional loan products readily available in the marketplace can be a tragic situation for many small businesses if they can not get access to capital for the upcoming holiday season - which can amount to 50% - 75% of many retailer's annual sales.

It will be interesting to see the demand levels in the coming weeks for the merchant cash advance product as retailers looking to borrow from their banks are being shut out.

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CashAdvanceNoChecking said...

Very well stated. In these economic times it is critical for both business and consumers to have every financial tool possible. When one type of lending disappears, at least other options remain.