Monday, November 23, 2009

Merchant Cash Advance Green Sheet Article

The Green Sheet just published an article on the current state of the merchant cash advance industry entitled, The squeeze in merchant cash advance.

Like I've said all along, the 2007 Merchant Cash Advance model doesn't work. There will only be a few legitimate merchant cash advance providers doing any real volume when the dust settles.

Note to Merchant Cash Advance Providers: It's not how much you fund a month, it's how much you can collect back. To those providers that don't understand, you need to be able to collect the money back to make a profit and stay in business.


Anonymous said...

im sure the brokers of 2007 could care less putting funders out of bz either. they came in, took as much as they could, and ran.

Anonymous said...

i think there needs to be more transparency in the industry. alot of new agents and iso's are misled on the financial strengths of funders, and, screwed over on commissions. Its still the wild west with no accountability.