Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Merchant Cash Advance Demand

Many merchant cash advance providers are indicating there is less demand for the product the last few months compared to this time period last year and the year before. There are several factors that can be responsible for this including many merchant cash advance providers were funding deals in the past that they would not fund today (and paid a very hefty price for doing so, namely going out of business). I think one of the key reasons which I have pointed out in the past is there also has to be an increase in business owner confidence for there to be an increase in demand for the merchant cash advance product.

The NY Times had an interesting article yesterday, entitled Businesses Reduced Inventories in December which further validates my theory, that if business owners don't have confidence in the economy, they are going to market / advertise less, hire less and stock lower inventories.

The article indicates, "The weakness in inventory rebuilding in December was an indication that businesses, still struggling to emerge from the deepest recession in decades, are not yet confident enough in rising sales to begin rebuilding stockpiles on a sustained basis."

As the CEO of, AmeriMerchant, one of the oldest and largest merchant cash advance providers in the space, I can tell you that a very common reason why merchants turn to alternative financing such as the merchant cash advance product is to stock up on inventory.

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